Being a caregiver isn’t easy. As our loved ones age, it can be hard to determine the best course of action. You want to know that your elderly loved one is taken care of, but you don’t always know the right choice. The ultimate goal is to allow your senior parents to age in place and maintain their independence and dignity at home for as long as possible. Our home health care services can help.

The decision of whether or not to hire home care for your senior parents is a difficult decision. This blog will help you learn more about the warning signs, their meaning, and what to look out for.

The first step in the decision process is to determine if your loved one can no longer care for themselves.

Ways to Determine if your Loved One is Becoming Unable to Take Care of Themselves

There are a few warning signs to look out for in determining if it’s time for home care for your loved one. Are they unsteady on their feet? Do they have cuts or bruises they don’t remember acquiring? These can be signs of physical decline and potential safety hazards for your loved one.

Is your parent showing signs of cognitive or behavioral changes? For example, are they often disoriented or confused; do they often experience paranoia or increased anger? Are they having trouble making bill payments on time or keeping up with general finances? Are they unable to drive safely around town to appointments and grocery stores? These can seem like subtle signs of aging but could be the beginning of a larger problem.

Early Warning Signs of Isolation and Loneliness

Isolation and loneliness are common for older adults. The loss of loved ones, a spouse, or a family member can often leave them feeling lonely and isolated. Be sure to keep an eye out for the signs of loneliness and isolation in your senior or older family members.

One of the most common and easy to identify isolation and loneliness signs is drastic changes in behavior. Your loved ones may start to lose interest in activities they once enjoyed. You may also notice they begin to separate themselves from family members or friends or even begin to make negative comments about themselves. It is also not uncommon for an older person experiencing loneliness and isolation to have frequent mood swings, apathy, or forgetfulness.

If you notice any of these changes in your parent, it may be time to contact A Special Touch In-Home Care about setting up some home care services. It’s important to reach out to us at the first sign of these symptoms. The sooner you get your senior parents aide, the more likely they are to continue living and aging in the comfort of their home.

Another warning sign to be on the lookout for is a decline in personal hygiene and personal care. If you find that your loved one has experienced significant weight loss or weight gain, they are beginning to appear unkempt, their house is no longer being kept tidy, they eating less or overeating, or neglecting to do daily tasks they used to enjoy such as a daily walk or light exercise, it may be time to contact home care services. These can be the early signs of serious issues like depression, and it’s best to get them taken care of as quickly as possible.


Early Signs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s and dementia are not at all uncommon for older adults. In fact, an estimated one in nine adults over the age of 65 have Alzheimer’s dementia. Dementia is the general term for forgetfulness, memory loss, and other thinking abilities in an aging person. Alzheimer’s is a specific type of dementia that affects memory, behavior, and thinking. Alzheimer’s and dementia’s symptoms can eventually reach the point where the person is unable to perform daily tasks without aid.

The following are common signs of Alzheimer’s and dementia in an aging person:

  • Forgetting things learned recently (i.e., dates, names, or other important information)
  • Asking the same question or repeating the same story or a
  •  over and over
  • Getting lost in familiar places
  • The inability to stay on task or follow directions
  • Becoming frequently disoriented or confused about time, people, and places
  • Neglecting personal safety, personal hygiene, and nutrition

It is important to contact a home care provider at the first sign of Alzheimer’s or dementia in seniors. A home care provider can ensure that your senior parents receive the care they need to continue living at home.

Home Care Services Provided by A Special Touch In-Home Care

A Special Touch In-Home Care is a home care service provider that offers 24/7 in-home assistance to seniors in Charleston, West Virginia, and throughout the Kanawha Valley. We pride ourselves in providing companionship for residents who request care at home. Our main goal is to help your loved ones achieve the best quality of life possible while maximizing their independence and dignity with home health care services.

Personal Care & Hygiene Assistance


Our caregivers assist with bathing and cleaning clients in a shower, tub, or basin, and with helping clients get in and out safely. The caregivers can give a sponge bath, help soap, rinse, and dry.


Our caregivers assist with haircare, skincare, oral care, and nail care.


Our caregivers assist with dressing and removing articles of clothing and undergarments. Clients will receive assistance with special devices such as back or leg braces, corsets, elastic stockings, artificial limbs, or splints.


Our caregivers assist clients with getting on and off the toilet. Additionally, they assist with cleaning and emptying the commode, wiping and cleaning the body after toileting, managing clothing and bedpans.

Continence Care

Our caregivers assist with supporting adults with bowel and bladder problems. They assist with cleanup and accidents in a non-invasive manner and help keep clients clean and free from sores. The caregiver can assist with diaper application and disposable barrier pads.

Home Health Care Assistance

Fall Prevention & Mobility

Our home care providers assist with transfers, walking, range of motion exercises, and light exercise.

Medication Reminders

We offer medical care assistance with making sure medication is taken by reminding the client, putting it out for them, and keeping an eye on it until the medications are taken.

Companion Care

A large part of our senior care services is companionship. Our care providers ensure clients remain active members of their community. They assist with keeping clients mentally alert by staying connected to their favorite activities and the people around them.

Home Care Assistance

Laundry and Cleaning

Home care providers assist with taking care of the home, kitchen, and bathroom and household activities such as cleaning and laundry services.

Meal Preparation

Home care providers can assist with meal preparation and planning to ensure our clients get balanced meals.


Our personal care services include assistance with meal preparation.


A skilled home caregiver will offer assistance with grocery shopping if needed.


Our caregiving assistance can assist with assistance to and from appointments, grocery shopping, etc.

Miscellaneous Transportation

Our family caregivers can assist with running errands and family functions and outings. Transportation is important in keeping our clients active and connected to their family members.

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A Special Touch is a privately-held, non-medical West Virginia home health care agency that understands the crucial planning that takes place daily and wants to allow your loved one to stay in their home for as long as possible. We know how important it is for you to find the right home care for your family members. Our goal is to ensure seniors age in place, maintain their dignity and independence, and continue living the life they deserve to live.

A Special Touch is the perfect solution for anyone who needs supportive services to stay in their home. What makes us unique is that if a client’s needs evolve, we can be there every step of the way to meet those home care needs.

A Special Touch In-Home Care is a locally and independently owned and operated home health care agency that provides compassionate, individualized senior care to elderly and disabled residents of the Kanawha Valley and surrounding areas. Founded on Appalachian values and a background in the medical industry, A Special Touch is run by passionate individuals dedicated to helping residents live at home for as long as possible. We are here to help in-home patients have a more relaxed and enjoyable life, all while receiving quality care in the comfort of their homes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Call us at 304-403-7700. Let’s talk to see how we may best be of service. We will arrange a time to schedule a personal assessment by one of our Registered Nurses to get a complete picture of your exact needs and match you with the right care.

We work with you to ensure that everyone need is met. We can arrange for home care services ranging from a few hours a week to around-the-clock care. No need is too great.

Are home care services covered by Medicare or insurance?

Unfortunately, Medicare does not pay for this type of care. Medicare will not pay for non-medical home care services. Many long-term care policies will reimburse for these kinds of services. We are happy to work with your insurance company to make that determination. We will also assist you by billing the insurance company directly.

How much do home care services cost?

A Special Touch In-Home Care offers several care plans, and costs are determined based on each client’s needs. Call our office today, and we will assess your situation. We will then be more than happy to provide you a quote on what you will pay for home care services.