Providing Better Elderly Home Care For Your Loved Ones

As we get older, new challenges arise that we often deal with unexpectedly. It can become increasingly challenging to take care of daily necessities, especially if our mobility starts to decline. Fortunately, you do not have to go through this alone — some services can help manage everyday tasks, like in-home personal care and hygiene assistance. 

Personal care and hygiene assistance involve a professional caretaker coming into a person’s home to help them get through a wide variety of tasks.

So what do these tasks involve? They can be more or less anything related to hygiene and grooming. A professional can assist by providing the following:

Bathing – Our caregivers assist with bathing and cleaning clients in a shower, tub, or with a basin. They assist with helping clients get in and out safely. The caregivers can give a sponge bath, help soap, rinse, and dry.

Grooming – Our caregivers assist with haircare, skincare, oral care, and nail care.

Dressing – Our caregivers assist with dressing and removing articles of clothing and undergarments. Clients will receive assistance with special devices such as back or leg braces, corsets, elastic stockings, artificial limbs, or splints.

Toileting – Our caregivers assist clients with getting on and off the toilet. Additionally, they help clean and empty the commode, wiping, and cleaning the body after toileting, managing clothing and bedpans.

Continence Care – Our caregivers assist with supporting adults with bowel and bladder problems. They assist with cleanup and accidents in a non-invasive manner and help keep clients clean and free from sores. The caregiver can assist with diaper application and disposable barrier pads.

If it were not for aging or other circumstances affecting you or someone you know, these are the things that most people can manage themselves. As we get older, these tasks can become challenging, even defeating to accomplish our own. It’s crucial to a person’s sense of self and confidence that they feel well-groomed, and this is what home care assistance aims to provide.

Ultimately, personal care and hygiene assistance caretakers aim to provide that little bit of extra help and support that many people need once they’re in their later years. It allows a person to stay in their home rather than moving into a nursing home or assisted living property. The real power of this type of care is that it allows people to keep their confidence and dignity intact and be able to live a full life, even though they’re in their later years. 

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Personal Care & Hygiene Assistance for Elderly Home Care