From Personal Hygiene to Meal Preparation, We’re Here for You!

When looking for in-home care for you, your parent, or loved one, families and seniors can expect the best possible home care services available here at A Special Touch In-Home Care. We are here to help adults of all ages live a high-quality life by offering non-medical care when needed- no matter the time of day.

Whether you have a disability that causes everyday challenges or need day-to-day assistance for your senior family member, we are here to talk you through your options and determine how we can help you and your family.

While some of the most common options for seniors include nursing homes, many families choose in-home care services instead, especially if the individual does not need medical assistance. It’s the preferred option for those who want to remain in their home while they heal from surgery or as a support while they age.

Home health is essential, but in-home services are largely non-medical; we’re here to help with whatever tasks you need. The most significant piece of the in-home care puzzle is the companionship that clients receive when they have someone come into their homes to help them with their daily tasks.

What Does In-Home Care Services Include?

Seniors often find the necessary daily tasks too much to complete by themselves, and being at home can be lonely at times, which is when we come in to assist. Some of the activities of daily living that in-home care services can help with are:

  1. Bathing and showering, including getting in and out of the tub
  2. Daily grooming, including hairstyling, shaving, teeth brushing, and other tasks, enable a family member to feel proud of their appearance!
  3. Everyday dressing, from choosing clothing to helping with getting them on and off when needed
  4. Toileting services are a big part of our in-home care services, from getting on and off the toilet to using it correctly and the clean-up afterward
  5. Meal preparation, including help with feeding and conversation surrounding what they would like to eat
  6. Some seniors need assistance with walking in and out of the house – our team can help!
  7. Transfer from chair to bed and back again and help with walking devices
  8. Companionship – someone to talk to, laugh with, enjoy board games, or have a sing-song. It’s all part of in-home care services. Seniors are better equipped to handle their health when they have the support of a new friend

Some services may be required that go beyond the basics, but our in-home care services can help here, too:

  1. Transport for residents who can no longer drive
  2. Assistance with grocery shopping and other essentials
  3. Housekeeping services including light housework and clean up after meals
  4. Management of communication from letters to responding to telephone calls
  5. Medication management including the assistance of seniors who can no longer manage medications alone
Why Choose In-Home Care Services

Nursing homes are a widespread solution for seniors today, but more and more seniors choose to remain in their homes and keep comfortable there for as long as possible. With one-to-one in-home care services, seniors can make a new friend and stay within their own homes.

We are here to help you with maintaining a sense of independence, and we support families, too. We can ensure proper communication and feedback are shared with family members every day. It’s natural to feel worried about your loved one and their future, but choosing in-home care services is akin to choosing quality care for your family member.

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